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Red River Michif Women’s Council

Red River Michif Women’s Council’s purpose is to promote a greater understanding of the traditions and roles of Metis women in the Province of Manitoba. The Red River Michif Women’s Council acknowledges the widening gap between Métis women and other women. Métis women who are leaders at the community level provide valuable leadership on ways that their community can positively apply policies and recommendations to make significant change in their lives. As a member of the Métis National Council of Women, there is a growing network, a willingness to share, co-operate and strategize within our province and with other regions. It is important to value, support and learn from those who have taken on the challenge leadership roles at the regional and communities level. This leadership is an asset to Métis women participation and more engaged communities.

Marginalization of Métis women is an intractable problem. The Red River Michif Women’s Council was form in order to help modify the attitudes, values and systems that contribute to the disadvantage of Metis women Métis women need the tools to become positive force for change in their communities, for example, developing the knowledge, confidence, and the ability to participate with all levels of government in policy development and implementation; self-confidence building; presentation skills; public speaking; goal setting and time management; and communication skills.

Mission Statement

To assist Métis women to be involved influencing policy and decisions made by various governments that impact Métis women and their children. To involve Métis women in the development and delivery of programs promoting equal opportunity for Métis women in Manitoba.


  1. To unite and organize all Metis women throughout the province.
  2. To organize support services and network services for Metis women across the province.
  3. To develop and offer programs specific to the special needs of Metis women (job skills, economic development, career development, employment skills, women as role models, and Metis cultural heritage courses).
  4. To develop family care programs particular to the needs of the Metis community.
  5. To develop and implement policies for business and government affecting the hiring and retention of Metis women in the workforce.
  6. To develop workshops in the communities.
  7. Address the issues concerning violence against Metis women and their children.
  8. Provide a strong and consistent voice for Métis women in Manitoba to implement change and work towards the common goal of the advancement of Métis women and their children.