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Alberta Métis Women Association

Alberta Métis Women Association is a founding member of the Métis National Council of Women, Inc., which is a national autonomous Métis women’s organization. Alberta Métis Women Association seeks to assist in educating and empowering Métis women, in rural and urban communities throughout Alberta . According to Statistics Canada, Métis women and their children are one of Canada ’s poorest populations. Our goal is to continue promoting change in their lives through gathering and dispensing information. We believe increased awareness will assist Métis communities in developing local action plans for dealing with issues that affect their lives. Continued lobbying and advocacy will assist Métis women to address ways and means in remedying the economic, cultural, social, legal and political biases of inequality. The Alberta Métis Women Association, a provincial autonomous Métis women’s organization, was incorporated in 1992.

Alberta Métis Women Association Values

Commitment to Cultural Uniqueness:  The Métis are one of three Aboriginal groups in Canada , and we have our own cultural identity, which differs from the others; therefore our uniqueness should be recognized.

Commitment to Métis Cultural Preservation and Promotion:  Culture and traditions are essential to the survival of a nation as they promote pride, family, and unity.

Commitment to the Advancement of Métis Women:  A Métis woman understands the needs of Métis women; therefore we advocate that Métis women should assist other Métis women in reaching their goals.

Commitment to Learning and Awareness:  Education and awareness is essential to combating inequality as they promote a greater understanding of the unknown.

Commitment to Honesty and Integrity:  Honesty and integrity are essential to unity, trust, and effective communication.

Commitment to Respecting Diversity:  Recognizing and valuing the views that others have to offer, provides us with alternative perspectives and allows us to see outside of ourselves.